Friday, September 18, 2009

Tsunekawa's Daily Life - Day 1: Litchi Sake

The Litchi Hikari Club 4koma are more interesting than the actual manga.

Tsunekawa's Daily Life - Day 1: Litchi Sake
Usamaru Furuya

I believe that the title for this series of 4koma was a reference to Mai-chan's Daily life.
Tsunekawa-kun no Nichijou vs. Mai-chan no Nichijou. Furuya, you card.

I chose to remove the "-kun" from "Tsunekawa-kun" to de-weeaboo the series as much as possible. For those who have forgotten, Tsunekawa is Zera's real name.

I apologize for the image quality- The raws were taken from Furya's blog, and were not the best looking to begin with. This particular set ran in Erotics F volume 40, but Furuya was kind enough to post scans on his blog.